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    7 Important Items Preppers Should Carry

    The items that you carry with you during times of crisis are pretty much the same as you would on a normal day, but with one or two additional items. When a natural disaster strikes or you’re living in a war zone, certain items can make a huge difference in your situation. Let’s look at […]


      Water Conservation Tips When in a Survival Situation

      Loss of access to running water is one of the most common consequences of a natural disaster or other calamity. The impact of a faucet that doesn’t yield water when it’s turned on can make people panic and frantic. They have good reason to be. Water sustains life and is used for a myriad of […]


        Survival 101: Preparing a Children’s First Aid Kit

        This article will be extremely helpful for preppers who have children. Even if you don’t have any, it really doesn’t hurt to have a first aid kit at the ready. You’d be shocked to discover how ill-prepared most people are. During an emergency, you may have neighbors or relatives with kids. They may be desperate […]


          14 Hygiene Supplies That All Preppers Should Store

          During a crisis, several problems could arise as far as personal hygiene goes. Should there be a natural disaster such as a flood or earthquake, there is a very real possibility that the roads may be impassable. Getting to the store can be difficult, and even if you did get there, the store may be […]


            10 Essential Home Remedy Supplies for Preppers

            During times of emergency and the aftermath of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, most people will start to panic. They’ll rush to the malls and stores and buy up whatever essential items that they think they’ll need. If you’re a savvy prepper, you’d have prepared all your stores and supplies beforehand. However, one […]

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