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    Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

    With the various types of natural disasters that have taken place in recent years, many people have started to realize that they may not be prepared for such events to take place. While no one wants to think it can happen to them, we have all seen the footage of Hurricane Katrina and it was […]


      Living in Reality

      Reality is about you everywhere you go. When you try to escape reality, you only hinder yourself from growing. Your qualities within are hindered as well, since you will find it hard to develop new skills, new ideas and so on that helps you grow. In the world, we are surrounded by poverty, crime, poor […]


        What Is a Prepper?

        The term “prepper” comes from the word “preparation” – and it can mean anything from being prepared for a natural disaster (like an earthquake) to being prepared for viral outbreaks, financial valleys (or worse), government collapse or tyranny, to war, chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, and everything in between. Each of us is acutely aware […]

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