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    11 War Zone Tactics You Must Know

    The Roman philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, “In time of war, the laws fall silent.” This is a very important quote to bear in mind if you’re a prepper. While the only current major wars seem to be occurring in far away places like the Middle East, war is a very real possibility and […]


      Surviving School Shootings

      School shootings are on the list of mass murder situations that you or your kids need to know how to survive, regardless of what grade they’re in. One thing that keeps coming up in many of the related stories about school shootings is that many of the shooter’s classmates knew beforehand that the shooter had […]


        Urban Survival Strategies You MUST Know!

        People often wonder if it’s safer to stay in the countryside or in an urban area during times of emergency. This is a difficult question to answer because it all depends on the nature of the crisis. If there’s a pandemic and people all over the city are falling ill, you’ll probably be safer being […]


          Staying Safe When Finding New Shelter

          Let’s assume your home was destroyed in a flood. All your supplies are gone, all you have is your bug-out bag and you need to evacuate to a new place. That’s one scenario. Another scenario is if there’s a terrorist attack near your home. Suddenly, the entire area becomes dangerous because you don’t know if […]


            Building a Safe Room: Read This First!

            Ever since the Jodie Foster movie, ‘Panic Room‘ came out, millions of people around the world know how effective and protective a safe room can be. However, unlike the movie, the safe room you’re in doesn’t have to be so high-tech. It just needs to be more secure than a normal room. In fact, many […]

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