Productive & Easy Container Gardening

easy and productive container gardening
Is this the ultimate container garden? No, but it's pretty cool!

Summary – Container Gardening

Some of us are restricted entirely to small spaces, and some of us have either clay, rock, or sandy soils that are easier to avoid than to mitigate. Some of us keep container gardens going for convenience, enjoyment, and mitigating seasonal threats from pests to cold, high winds or thunderstorms to dry conditions, even when we have some elbow room and decent starting soil.

On a windowsill or a bookcase, up on a balcony or down on a patio, and even out in the yard or lining our driveway, there are some practices that can make our container gardens more productive, more efficient, and easier to maintain.

The Prepper Journal

I love container gardening. Well, I love ALL gardening. But if you live in a place where you don't have a lot of room, growing your garden in containers is the only way.

And it's pretty good, too. In fact, in some very important ways, growing a container garden is better.

Why? First off, less wasted water. We know water is a finite resource. It's also expensive. With a container garden, you direct water in more precise amounts and don't water spaces where plants aren't growing.

With a more traditional garden (bed or open land), you do indeed waste a lot of water.

Plus, any soil supplements or fertilizers are concentrated in the exact areas you need.

Overall, you have less waste with a container garden.

Read more about raising a container garden here.

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