Surviving School Shootings

Parkland Florida Mass Shooting

This has to stop!

School shootings are on the list of mass murder situations that you or your kids need to know how to survive, regardless of what grade they’re in. One thing that keeps coming up in many of the related stories about school shootings is that many of the shooter’s classmates knew beforehand that the shooter had some kind of mental disturbance.

Most people fail to point this out because no one likes to make waves and in some cases, even when it’s reported, those in authority fail to follow through, as we saw in the Parkland, Florida mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stay on the lookout for students or peers who are behaving oddly. If you notice that someone is acting strange, stay aware of that person and be on guard for any behavior that alerts your sixth sense that something isn’t right that day.

Pay attention to kids who become withdrawn, moody, or have violent outbursts of anger.

You’ll also want to pay attention to rumors. Often before a mass murder is carried out, the shooter will talk about it to someone else or on social media.

Whispers will fly through the school, but kids sometimes won’t say anything to an adult because they feel like that’s tattling. Besides rumors, there are often alarming statements made on social media such as shooters who talk about the violence they’d like to do at school.

Or they talk about hurting other specific people, like those who have bullied them. They share images of themselves with weapons. A warning sign can be when someone warns others not to be in a certain area of the school on a particular day.

That can be a sign that an impending attack is imminent and should be reported. In the event that there is a shooting, panic can reduce your chances of survival. Though it’s difficult, stay as calm as possible.

Pay attention to your surroundings and remain alert to the general direction of the gunfire so that you can run from it or hide to avoid the shooter. When you hide, make sure the lights in the room are off and don’t allow your cell phone to make noise. TURN IT OFF!

At the very least, cut the volume off so that it won’t draw attention to you. Put heavy objects such as desks or filing cabinets against the door and don’t huddle against the wall close to the door. AR-15 rounds can easily pierce walls.

Be alert in the area where you are to scope out what you can use as a weapon in case the shooter breaches the room where you’re at. Your survival could depend on you knowing what you can grab to fight with if you have to.

You can use things like shoes or boots, cords from electronic devices, laptops, scissors, pens, pencils, or heavy books. You can also use smaller objects to throw at the shooter to impede his aim.

Remember, if the shooter can’t see, it improves your survival odds. So use a fire extinguisher to either hit him with or spray him with. Stay aware of when he’s stopping to reload a weapon so that you can escape.

The best defense to a school mass shooting is prevention. If you hear anything about a possible incident, let school administrators know as soon as possible. The second best defense is to get as far away from an active shooter scene as possible. The third is to hide; if you can't run, hide.

Finally, if you have no other choice and you're confronted by a person with a gun, do everything you can to impede him or her from shooting.

In all of these cases, you must take decisive action. There will be no time to ponder what you should do.

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